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Torus is an unistantiated function that represents a tissue with periodic boundary conditions.


Return Value

Torus[ Tissue[v, e, c], rules] is the periodic boundary condition representation of Tissue[v,e,c]. The rules have the form {ei->ej, ei->ej, ...} where each edge ei is associated with and edge ej, meaning that the represent the same edge in the periodic representation.

ToTorus[tissue] converts a tissue to a torus.

TorusTissue[torus]converts a torus to a tissue.

The Tissue[...] object of the torus must be rectangular; it is obtained by sliding and "unwrapping" the torus into a rectangle.



[ Download Example as Zipped Mathematica Notebook ]

[ View movie of repressilator with periodic boundary conditions as simulated in example. ]

Implementation Notes

See Also

Tissue, TorusQ

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