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StaticSimulation is a wrapper for grow that runs a simulation on a static (non-growing) tissue. By default, the simulation is run internally and saved to memory rather than written to an external file (which is the case with grow), to increase cpu throughput.

StaticSimulation combines the functionality of CelleratorNetwork, interpret, and run in a single function.

In addition, it allows the addition of Cellzilla Arrows for Diffusion, Transport, and Action at a Distance (IGRN) as part of the model, instead of as control parameters.


Return Value

StaticSimulation[DTissue, tstart, tstop, options] returns a single simulation as a list of interpolation functions. It is compatible with functions such as SimAnimate, etc. Unlike


Any option for grow may be used. Some options are preset to save CPU time, but may be modified if desired. These are listed below.

"tip"→False Needs to be set to a variable name if the model refers to the tip location variable. /td>
"xy"→False Needs to be set to True if any position dependent information is required such as area, perimeter, or tip distance.
"CellVariable"→False Needs to be set to a variable name if the model refers to the area of the cells. /td>
"Internal"→True Should be set to False if you do not want to save the simulation internally to memory; used in conjunction with the "Save" option.
"Save"→False Needs to be set to True if you want to save the solution to an external file.

Output Control


[ Download Wuschel Model Example as Zipped Mathematica Notebook ]

Implementation Notes

See Also

grow, CelleratorNetwork

[16 June 2017]