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Shows a picture of the tissue object


Return Value

ShowTissue[tissue,options] returns a Graphics object.


"CellStyles" ->List of cell colors, Automatic, "None", or "Nucleus" to print dots at cell centers rather than filed cells.

"EdgeStyles" ->List of edge style directives, or single style directive.

"BoundaryStyle" -> Color, thickness of outer walls (automatic), or "None".

"CellNumbers" -> List of numbers to label cells.


"NumberStyle" -> Text style directives for cell numbers.

"Vertices -> {} or style parameters for vertices, e.g., color, PointSize.

"VertexNumbers" -> {} or style parameeters to print numbers.

"EdgeNumbers" -> {} or style parameters to print numbers.

"Outer" -> {} or style parameters to specify a different style parameter for the outermost boundary of the tissue; otherwise, it defaults to the value of "BoundaryStyle".

"DangingEdges"->False, if True, will print any dangling edges that are not part of cells. Normally Dangling edges are not printed.


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Implementation Notes

See Also

ShowCell, ShowTissueCells

[14 June 2017]