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Lists the files saved during the most recent execution of grow.

The location of the folder in which the files are saved in the variable $SIMDIR. The value of $SIMDIR is reset every time grow is invoked.

Return Value

ShowSavedFiles[] returns a list containing the names of all of the files in $SIMDIR.

ShowSavedFiles[type] returns a list containing the names of all of the files of the specified type in $SIMDIR. Possible values for type are given in the following table. Sequence numbers (indicated by the wild-card character * in the following table) are 4 digit (minimum) strings starting with 0001 and incremented by 1 after each cell division.

"IC" Initial Condition files, IC*.nb
"ODE" Differential Equations files ODE*nb
"Options" Options provided to grow, Simulation-Options.nb
"Tissue" Tissues after each cell division, DTissue*.nb
"Net" Cellerator networks, Network*.nb
"Equation" Algebraic equations, Equations*.nb
"Solution" Simulation solutions, Solution*.nb
"Lineage" List of cell lineages, Lineage.nb
"EdgeLineage" List of edge lineages, EdgeLineage.nb


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