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Generates a graphic for the outward pointing normal unit vectors to the edges of a polygon.


Return Value

ShowOutwardNormals[{{x1,y1}, {x2,y2}}, dir, flag]

dir is any list of graphics directives

flag if True, prints the polygon; if not, only shows the arrow.

ShowOutwardNormals[Tissue, options] displays the normal vectors to cells and/or edges as specified by the options


"Cells"->{} List of cell numbers; the outward pointing normal vectors will be drawn for each edge of the specified cells, with the styles defined by option "Style".

"Edges"->{} List of edges numbers; opposite normal vectors will be drawn with the styles defined by option "Style" for each edge specified. Since an "outward" direction is undefined in the absence of specific edges, two oppostive vectors are drawn for each edge, even if the edge is on the boundary of the tissue.

"Style"-> {} - any Graphics option or directive, e.g., Red or Dotted.


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Implementation Notes

See Also

ShowEdgeNormal, NormalVector, OutwardNormalVector

[14 June 2017]