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Saves a list of graphics images as a image files and converts them to a movie with ffmpeg. If ffmpeg is not installed the image files are still saved but the movie is not generate.


For full functionality ffmpeg and the appropriate codecs installed. For more information on this see Making Movies in Cellzilla

Return Value

SaveFrames[pictures, pictureType, size]
SaveFrames[pictures, pictureType, size, MovieType]
SaveFrames[pictures, pictureType, size, MovieType, Label]

pictures - list of graphics objects.

pictureType - picture file type such as ".JPG", ".TIF", ".EPS", etc.

size - frame size in pixels (width).

MovieType - movie file format. Default is ".AVI". Options depend upon Export options for your operating system. If MovieType is "NONE" then the movie will not be generated but the individual frames will still be saved to disk, e.g., as JPG files.

Label - optional text label to be prepended to the file name. The default value is MovieData.

The frames will be placed in the folder


and will be called Frame0001.type,Frame0002.type,... where type was the specified image file type, and "~" is the user's home directory.

Additional simulations run on the same day will be placed in the same "Simulations" folder but a new subfolder labeled with the current time.

If the simulations folder does not exist it will be created automatically.

If Label is not specified



[ Download Example as Zipped Mathematica Notebook ]

[ See the movie generated by this example]

Implementation Notes

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