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Runs an xCellerator simulation on a Cellzilla model.



Return Value

RunSim[network, parameters, ic, {start, end}, options ] returns a list of Interpolating Functions:

network is the expanded cellerator reaction network, typically the output of CelleratorNetwork.

parameters is a list of parameter definitions as a list, e.g., {k1→1, k2→0.3,...}

ic is the list of initial conditions as a rule list, e.g., {A[1]->1 A[2]-> 1.5, ..., B[4]-> 3}

{start, end} are the start and end times of the simulation.


Any options for NDSolve


[ Download Example as Zipped Mathematica Notebook ]

See also the Wuschel Notebook Example as html or zipped notebook

Implementation Notes

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