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Removes a vertex, edge, or cell from a tissue object.


Return Value

RemoveCell[tissue, i] - returns a tissue with cell i removed. For a DTissue object, DeleteCell should be used instead.

RemoveCell[tissue, {i,j,k,...}] - returns a tissue with cells i,j,k,... removed.

RemoveEdge[tissue, i] - returns a tissue with edge i removed. If the edge is not dangling then MergeVertices is used to merge the two endpoints into a single vertex at their midpoint and rereference all vertex and edge references. If the edge is dangling ( see DanglingEdges ) is merely removed from the tissue.

RemoveEdges[tissue, {i,j,k,...}}] - returns a tissue with the listed edges removed by successive calls to RemoveEdge.

RemoveVertex[tissue, i] - returns a tissue with vertex i removed. The vertex will not be removed if it is part of any edge.

RemoveVertices[tissue, {i,j,k,...}}] - returns a tissue with the specified vertices removed by iterative calls to RemoveVertex.



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Implementation Notes

See Also

DanglingEdges, DanglingVertices, MergeVertices, DeleteCell

[13 June 2017]