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Generates the vertices of a regular or non-regular Star.


Return Value

RegularStar[n, ρ] returns the vertices of a regular n-pointed star inscribed in the unit circle, with one vertex at (0,1) and the ratio ρ equal to the ratio of the outer radius to the inner. If ρ=0 then a regular 2n-gon is generated.

RegularStar[n, ρ, θ] rotates the first vertex by θ radians.

RegularStar[n, ρ, θ, a] stretches in the vertical direction by a factor of a.

RegularStar[n, ρ, θ, a, r] adds a random number between -r and r to each vertex coordinate.

RegularStar[n, ρ, θ, a, r, φ] rotates the whole thing by φ. Using r=-1 suppresses any randomization.



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