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Converts a tissue to a tissue whose edges may be composed of poly-lines between multicellular vertices into a tissue where every edge is between a vertex where at lease 3 cells intersect. This is useful in approximating detailed segmentations by polygonal models on slower computers or computers with limited memory.


Return Value

Polygonalize[T, threshold] returns the modified tissue.

T is the original tissue

threshold is optional and defaults to 0.5. The mean area mu of the internal (non-boundary layer) cells is computed, and all cells less than threshold*mu in area on the boundary are removed. This will generally removed the large number of small triangular cells that are artifacts of the polygonalization algorithm. To remove all cells on the boundary set this to a large number.



[ Download Example as Zipped Mathematica Notebook ]

[ Download Meristem.csv tissue file used in this examplek ]

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