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LineageShow displays a tissue, coloring each clonal lineage a separate color.

LineageAnimate displays the lineage of a growth simulation (output of grow).


Return Value

LineageShow[tissue, Lineage] returns a Graphics object. The colors are assigned randomly.

LineageShow[DTissue, Solution, Time, Lineage] interpolates into the specified solution using the specified tissue object.

LineageAnimate[options]] displays a pop-up menu to select a folder for an external simulation (similar to SimAnimate).

LineageAnimate[f, options]] looks for the output of grow in the directory f.


Same as ShowTissue for LineageShow

Same as SimAnimate for LineageAnimate

In addition, "InputFolder"->f may be used to specify the input folder, in lieu of a separate first string argument for LineageAnimate.

In addition "Colors"->{Color1, Color2,...}, a list of colors for the ancenstral lineages may be specified.


See the example given for grow

Implementation Notes

See Also

ShowTissue, SimAnimate

[10.06.2017 ]