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  1. You must have a working Mathematica installation. Cellzilla2D has only been tested in Version 8 of Mathematica and may not work in other versions.

    Cellzilla2D will work on any operating system that has a working Mathematica installation, including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.

  2. You must have a working xlr8r installation. If you have not previously installed Cellerator, go to at for installation instructions.

    Note: the terms Cellerator, xlr8r, and xCellerator are sometimes used interchangeably in the documentation, often leading to confusion. The term "Cellerator" actually refers to the entire system of programs including Celzilla, xlr8r, mathsbml, etc. "xCellerator" is a pronouncable version of the actual source program "xlr8r." The old program that is called "Cellerator.nb" or "Cellerator.m" has no code overlap with "xlr8r" and is no longer used, although it is functionally equivalent to a small subset of "xlr8r" capabilities on Mathematica version 6 and earlier.

Download the Distributation

  1. The latest distribution is available from

  2. Download and install the latest version of Cellerator from site listed in step 1 first. The latest version is called xCellerator-ver-date-time where ver is a 3-digit version number and date and time are the version creation time.

  3. After installing Cellerator download and install the latest version of Cellzilla2D. The latest version is called Cellzilla2D-ver-date-time


  1. Open the file install.nb in Mathematica.

  2. From the menu bar select Evaluation/Notebook

  3. Answer any dialogs on the pop-up menu - the rest should be done automatically.

For Advanced Users

The software is maintained using git. Feel free to fork a copy and create your own version.

[5 June 2017]