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Recovers one of the the files saved during an execution of grow.

The location of the folder in which the files are saved in is stored in the variable $SIMDIR. The value of $SIMDIR is reset every time grow is invoked.

Return Value

GetSavedFile[folder, type, sequenceNumber] returns the contents of the saved file of the specified type in the specified folder of the given sequence number.

Possible values for type are given in the following table. Sequence numbers (indicated by the wild-card character * in the following table) are 4 digit (minimum) strings starting with 0001 and incremented by 1 after each cell division.

"IC" Initial Condition files, IC*.nb
"ODE" Differential Equations files ODE*nb
"Options" Options provided to grow, Simulation-Options.nb
"Tissue" Tissues after each cell division, DTissue*.nb
"Net" Cellerator networks, Network*.nb
"Equation" Algebraic equations, Equations*.nb
"Solution" Simulation solutions, Solution*.nb
"Lineage" List of cell lineages, Lineage.nb
"EdgeLineage" List of edge lineages, EdgeLineage.nb


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